Thursday, April 12, 2012


What a joy to visit our daughter yesterday and enter the activity room where a kind lady was conducting singing-participation -activity -sings with the clients.  They all had drum like instruments on their laps (I'm sure that is not the right name for them) others had bells and several had the gourds which when shaken, rattles the seeds inside them.  When we went into the room, Joy was looking at one of the staff persons and she (Joy) was trying to bang her gourd against her leg.  She, being stone deaf, probably got the vibrations from it very well.  At any rate she was smiling all the way.  Margie and I sat on either side of her and the activity time was so special. Toward the end of the hour Joy kept looking over to the side of the room.  She does not miss anything.  She knew that after this event, comes the snack time.  So Margie and I sat around a table with her while she partook of the delicious cookie and a drink later to sort of wash it down. What a wonderful time we had.  Then just as we left and got in our car, Ruth Bose from Shepherds called and we had a great visit.  It was Ruth who brought Joy to Lynden in January.  She was calling to see how things were with Joy and us.  Margie pain level stays the same or increases and she will mighty glad for surgery day.  Please pray.

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