Saturday, April 14, 2012


Margie had a good night and when she tells me this it is always a blessing to hear.  Yesterday our good friends took Margie to visit a family with 4 children and she wanted to take a gift to each of them.  She had a wonderful time visiting and returned home at noon. I decided to iron the the clothes because I didn't want her to do that after the busy morning.  She was grateful for my doing that.  She prepared lunch and then had a more leisurely afternoon doing some reading.  Our son arrived at 7:30 PM for his weekend work at the Vista house with his son Nathan.  As a precaution, I asked the lawn man to come again today.  After this I should be able to do it myself (which I enjoy doing).  The vertigo has pretty well disappeared for which I am thankful.  Thank you one and all for praying.  We received the most precious note from Brazil yesterday assuring us of pray.  We appreciate this so much.  Thanks to you who leave "comments" on our site.

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