Friday, April 13, 2012

Temporary permanent

That's what Margie's dad called them: temporary permanent.  That's what Margie had yesterday.  I took her there, returned to work, then picked her up after a couple of hours.  She wanted to get this done before surgery.
I was able to get the laundry done while she was gone.  Today she will do the ironing.  She made a tuna casserole (gluten free)yesterday. Our grandson Nathan dropped by for a quick visit and he had some of the freshly baked casserole.  Last night we went to prayer meeting.  There was a smaller number due to some who were traveling. Margie did not do so well on the sleeping last night.  Her doctor changed medications and they did not work.  We never tire of thanking you for your prayer support.

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Miriam Jácome said...

Vou orar por suas vidas e por tudo o que está acontecendo, para que o Senhor nosso Deus lhe dê alívio e refrigério. Abraços.