Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wonderful news

Yesterday Margie received great news from her retina specialist.  Her condition is stable with no negatives to report since her last exam.  She is faithfully taking the vitamin regime he prescribed for her condition and I put the drops in her eyes each evening according to his orders.  We are truly grateful for this because  macular degeneration is a serious thing and Margie has done all she could to follow professional orders to help keep her sight.  I also had a nice experience at the Social Security department when I tried to get Joy's funding changed to the new facility where she lives.  Instead of my doing it, the home in Lynden will do it and payments will go directly to them.  What good news.  Today we are in the middle of sending out our 2012 letter.  I am helping Margie as much as I can because the computer work tires her easily.  I can do it with the greatest of ease and enjoy it so we will see how today goes.  Thank YOU for praying for us.

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