Sunday, February 19, 2012


Because of Margie's gluten intolerance, many new ways of eating have been discovered.  Yesterday she worked on a custard using one of the non-dairy "milks" because she can not have too much regular milk in her diet.  On and on it goes.  We have learned to shop at places that sell gluten free products.  She has a book with thousands of foods which are "allowed" on this kind of diet.  So it is a challenge to keep finding things that are compatible with her needs.  She does very well at it.  Yesterday Margie made several phone calls to ladies she prays for.  It is a rewarding ministry and Margie does it well. Our son did not get here Saturday, but may show up today.  Monday is a holiday for some and maybe he is thinking of that.  He always brings his laptop computer,to check with his company if there are any matters he should take care of - even if it is a holiday. Probably not all of you view our web site.  If you can, I posted a picture there of Joy's new bedspread and also of her looking at a magazine.  Here is the "address"  
We never grow tired of thanking you for your prayer support.

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