Saturday, February 18, 2012

A magazine for Joy

Yesterday in our visit with Joy, we handed her a magazine.  She LOVES magazines, thumbing through them in her own peculiar way, sometimes apparently looking intently at the pictures.  We never know what is going through her mind.  We also do no know what causes frustration and prompts her to tear the magazine in small pieces.  Ever since she was a small girl she has done this.  We remember how she would take a 1/2 gallon milk carton and tear it into small pieces and  hold ALL the pieces in her hands.  Yesterday I put a waste basket by her and she systematically dropped the small pieces of the magazine into it.  We have always said, she is very orderly. Most assuredly there is frustration in Joy's mind that causes this tearing of magazines.  We will probably never really know.  Our daughter-in-law Gina, gave Joy a new bedspread.  It is real nice and the Christian Health Care Center gave permission to put it on her bed.  It is real nice and I have a picture of Joy looking at it.
After giving a glowing report of Margie's health in yesterday's blog, last night she did not do well at all.  She had trouble with choking.  Thankfully it was not serious to the point of calling me to help her.  Please pray that tonght will be more restful for her.  And we do thank you for your prayers,

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