Thursday, February 23, 2012


Yesterday we had a great time in our visit with Joy.  We arrived during their activity period and joined her for the exercises.  Margie sat next to her and tried to help her move her arms, hands and legs (almost impossible) along with the music and spoken instructions.  It was a fun time and Joy did not complain at all.   We know why.  At the conclusion of this monkey bread was served.  Joy loves to eat.  And monkey bread is DELICIOUS.  At the activity time was Marsha speech therapist (sign language) standing behind Joy.  At a convenient time she told us that one day as she passed Joy's room, Joy with her fingers (opening and closing) gave a "wave" to her.  She said, "I almost cried".  We are so grateful for the tender loving care Joy received from all who work with her.  We are impressed. The day's activities tired Marge out a great deal so we were glad to get her back home.   Did I mention that the new bed was also delivered in the morning?  We use twin beds.  This one is Margie's . She is very pleased with it. Thank you dear ones for your prayers.

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