Sunday, February 12, 2012

Software installation

Our son gave us MS Office so I spent some time installing it on our laptop.  Now it gives me all the "old faithful" programs and all I have to do is learn the new things about them.  But that is enjoyable. Rawlie and Nathan worked on the Vista house yesterday. Margie made her customary phone calls around the country, ministering to lady friends. I spent a good deal of time going through the comments that are posted to our blog site. With almost 2000, I have plenty of work to keep these processed.  We are thrilled that Margie is well enough to prepare meals, which she did for us and our son and grandson.  Nathan helped her with the stir fry part as he is an excellent cook. Today we look forward to attending church where another missionary couple will be speaking.  Our pastor is recovering from partial knee surgery and he might attend today. Your prayers for Margie are so much appreciated.  Thank you.

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