Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Winding down

The lawn mowing season is coming to an end.  I had been waiting for the grass to get dry and yesterday the strong sunshine and gentle breeze did just that.  So I spent the afternoon behind the lawnmower.  Margie paced herself carefully in her work projects, because the night before she had a poor night, sleeping very little. A church friend brought several wonderful gifts of fresh fruit & vegetables, canned foods and other items to the house while I was mowing the lawn.  What a gracious gift.  It is appreciated. We had planned on shopping yesterday but Margie sleepless night stopped that right away.  Maybe today we can do that.  Please continue to pray also for our daughter Joy's transfer to another facility, when they can find an adequate one.  We thank you for your help in prayer for Joy and Margie.  It means much to us.

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