Friday, October 14, 2011

Blow up

We are thanking the Lord Margie was not harmed yesterday when she pressure cooked some things. To start the cooling down process, before she even got started, the cooker exploded and plastered the curtains, walls and everything else.  BUT the steam did not go onto her face.   She was OK.   It entailed quite a clean up project but she finally got that done.  Now the curtains are being washed.  I was outside trying to get the front and east side of the house painted because the sun came out and it was pretty good weather.  Fortunately I now have only about 8 ft (wide) and the height of the walls, plus the eaves to paint, to complete the main painting on the house.  There is some touch up work that will have to wait for more sunshine or even summer to complete but the house looks good and is protected against the elements for the winter.  We are concerned about our daughter Joy's situation and know you are praying for the proper place where she will be transferred to.  We are awaiting word as to what they want us to do in this process.  Thanks for praying for this and Margie's health. We appreciate it.

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