Monday, October 24, 2011

Poor sleep

This morning Margie is sleeping in because she did not well last night. I will wake her up later on per her request.  She was remarking last night of how wonderful Heaven will be there.  There will no night there. We pray tonight will be better for her.  Yesterday we enjoyed our time at church.  Margie may have lingered a bit too long afterward visiting, because she got pretty tired.  The missionaries were a blessing and Curt Jones gave a wonderful message. Rawlie's family returned to Stanwood earlier. He stayed and had lunch with us then also left after I made a latte for him.  He was doing so research and helped me by giving some suggestions regarding at home opportunities for work.  I will be checking those out today.  We appreciate your prayer about these things, and also Joy's situation and Margie's ongoing health issues.

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