Monday, October 31, 2011

Joy's Birthday

The year was 1959. The place was Iquitos, a town located on the Amazon River in Peru. We had traveled from Benjamin Constant, Brazil - also a town along the Amazon River- a couple of days before, for Margie to give birth to Joy there in a hospital.  It was not an easy ordeal.  It started hard and as our friends know, the road has not been an easy one.  Margie's health has never been the best and Joy is mentally disable.  We are extremely aware of the fact that the Lord has been in charge of all details of this episode from the beginning.  Joy's 45 years at Shepherds Home have been the most rewarding and Margie & I are so grateful for the compassionate Christian care she has received there all these years.  As reported previously, we await now the official discharge  notice from Shepherds for Joy.  They are no longer equipped to care for her in her needs as she grows older. Please pray that they and we will have wisdom to know what to do for her future care.  Margie's health is fragile and we don't know if I (Ralph) can leave her and travel to Union Grove, WI  to work on details of her transfer to another facility.  We need God's wisdom and direct help in this.  Thanks for praying.  

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