Wednesday, February 4, 2015


John 3:30 He must increase, but I must decrease

We think we are important and our self esteem grows bold,
Our minds play tricks too often and our pride is soon fourfold.
Then we meet our Savior who instructs us through His word, 
Then we realize in a moment that we've been quite absurd.
In our walk with Christ down here we are to magnify Him,
And any other behavior surely puts us way out on a limb.
Dear Christian: live for Jesus and make Him the honored guest,
No longer promote yourself but magnify Him, which is the best. 

Margies physical therapist yesterday was very pleased with her progress. She said she was doing well in her routines. It was encouraging to hear this good report. We had a full day yesterday, also visiting a friend who is very ill in the hospital. We also attended the missionary meeting at the church in the afternoon. It was a good day and Margie held up pretty well through it all. Thank you so much for your prayer support. 

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