Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Some lost items

One feels foolish in telling this story.  In our shopping yesterday, Margie reached for her cell phone and it was gone. She had just used it in the last store so we could not understand how it disappeared.  I checked with lost and found and to our amazement and thankfulness to the Lord, it was there, plus her very important appointment book and a some medication.  Apparently these things had fallen out of the purse into the cart when I picked it up and handed it to Margie.  I asked if I could thank the man who found them.  She said "No, they are trained to do this. It happens all the time" She said she would tell him. We praise the Lord for this little BIG thing that happened yesterday.  By the way, Margie is looking for a different  purse that won't open so easily.  Margie had a good sleep last night;. I did not do so well.  An aching tooth kept me awake and I am now waiting for the dental shop to open to make an appointment.   Thank you all for praying.

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