Friday, July 9, 2010

The heat of things

We have just come through two days of hot weather.  The Pacific Northwest has good weather.  Some don't like the rain, but as I always say "The price of greenery is the rain".  I have 3 evaporative coolers going in our house plus several regular fans.  We manage to keep quite comfortable in 90 degree temperatures.  This is the way we also kept our 5th wheel trailer cooled in our travels for Shepherds these past 10 years.  One time in Brawley California the temperature was 118 when we rolled onto the church parking lot. Now to Margie.  She has been working getting some storage shelves in the garage organized. She paces herself doing just a little each time so she won't get too tired. It's quite a job.  She also slept well last night.  We are glad.

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