Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Enough is enough

I told you about my toothache that kept me awake the night before last.  A trip to our family dentist revealed the problem greater than he could treat so referred me to a specialist for Thursday morning at 8:30 in Bellingham, WA. The pain was severe but I saved the prescription medication for last night to help me sleep. But I didn't have to use it. Yesterday afternoon I slipped out of the house to get the mail and unfortunately I did SLIP, and went sprawling on the cement sidewalk impacting the fall on my right chest, left and right hands and facial contact with the sidewalk. My bionic knees - or the flesh which surrounds them, was scraped harshly. These things hit you suddenly and there is no recovery from the fall.  I hope I will just learn to be more careful next time.  Margie claims she has MUCH experience in falls and she is right.  I think TODAY I will be plenty SORE. I did have a good night and without taking any medication at all. I just do not do so well sleeping on my right side.  Now I am glad for the prescription medication for my tooth problem which may just help me with all the aches of the fall also. Pray for this clumsy fellow to not repeat a trick like this again.  Thanks.By the way, Margie had a GOOD night for which we are thankful.

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