Sunday, July 18, 2010

Rheumatologist report

We were reminded by a kind viewer from Alaska that we had not reported on Margie's trip to the doctor.  He was pleased with her progress and once again put her on a diminished dosage of the original medication that was the only thing that actually seemed to reduce the pain she experienced for so long.  He wants to lower this medication and gradually have the body accustom to less, thereby starting to produce the proper balance in her system.  We are impressed with his knowledge of her case and the interest shown.  We know it is an answer to prayer.  Thanks for being part of this with us.  Today we head to Stanwood, Washington to attend church with our son (Rawlie) and his wife (Gina) and children (Nathan, Benny and Monique) and then celebrate Margie's birthday at their home with some home cooked food prepared by Gina and  Nathan.   We are looking forward to this and are so thankful Margie can take that short trip to enjoy the day.

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