Thursday, July 22, 2010

Report on allergy tests yesterday

I was not feeling well, but the Lord enabled me to drive us to Redmond, WA so Margie could have the second series of allergy tests done.  There is still another after this.  She tested high for wheat and the full test for gluten will be on our next visit. We were glad to be home after the 200 mile round trip was over. We were gone just a little over 8 hours. Last night my cold and persistent cough and sinus problem kept me up a lot. Thankfully I don't get sick often.  Margie finally settled down to sleep after 11. We pray for daily strength to do what's necessary around the house each day.  Margie is beginning to do some of the things which I used to do for her while she is recovering. That is a big help, but we are most concerned for her so continue with the larger chores which she doesn't have the strength to do at the moment.  Thanks for praying.

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