Thursday, July 1, 2010

100 years

Today, between our Shepherd's ministry, we will help Helen Durkin celebrate her 100th birthday. She is a LONG TIME memmber of our church and is only the 2nd person we have personally known to reach that age. Margie had her physical therapy session yesterday in Lynden, WA and that went well. I wrote letters most of the day for Shepherds. Last night we went to church for prayer meeting. We missed this during the 5 months Margie was unable to attend. Last night Margie also had a good night. We are thankful. If you want to send us a note just click on the following on our blog: COMMENT ... THEN WRITE MESSAGE IN BOX... CLICK CIRCLE BY ANONYMOUS... THEN CLICK PUBLISH COMMENT. If we have your contact information already we can respond, if not you must provide it...if you desire a response.

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