Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Exodus 4:12 
Now therefore, go, and I will be with your mouth and teach you what you shall say.

It's nice to know we have such help in times of greatest need,
Our Lord provides what we lack most, the ability to succeed.
We are commanded to work for Him, and he will do the rest.
Go in His strength, is our duty today, and surely we will be blessed.(RP)

After an appointment with the enterologist, and a scheduled time for the procedure, we went to a local market to pick up some things. Margie stayed in the car and I went in.  One of the heaviest rains I have encountered drenched me. In the store I removed my hearing devices and tried to dry them. I placed them in my pocket.  At the next store I removed my glasses from the pocket (where the hearing aids were) and one of them flipped out on the floor. I found it. Then the other I tried to place in Margie's hand, but because it is so small and sort of "springy" it flipped right out of sight and we could not find it.  People (customers) in the store were so helpful.  One kind lady on her hands and knees finally found it under the shopping cart. She was thanked profusely.  People are so helpful. What a day that was. We are grateful. Hearing devices are extremely valuable and mine are very expensive. Thank you Lord! We trust your day goes well. Thanks for praying.

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