Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Take note, you have sinned against the LORD; and be sure your sin will find you out.
Numbers 32:23

Sin has a way of finding one, you cannot escape its bite,
It makes no difference when it is, at day or dark of night.
When you sin against the Lord you have done your worst,
And remember that your sin will be sadly reimbursed.

In our never-ending pursuit to economize, I changed phones and carrier. By the time Margie's is updated, we will be saving sixty dollars on our monthly bill. She, and our son were not happy with the new number, which admittedly is more difficult that the simple one we have had for years. But we can all learn even in our advancing years.  I already have mine memorized by "ridiculous associations" along with the alphabet value of numbers. Jerry Lucas teaches this in his famous "Memory Book." So here we go with a better phone, which is a blessing and the price is right. We have a full agenda today about which we will discuss more tomorrow. Trust your day goes well.  Thanks for your prayers,

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