Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Not as good


Psalm 29:11 
The LORD will give strength to His people; 
The LORD will bless His people with peace.

Two things we desperately need today, are promised in this verse.
But all around are the enemies of God who fight Him and wish to curse. 
Oh that mankind would call upon God to give them the strength that they need,
Then He would bless them with power and peace, and from their sins be freed.
Make this your prayer today, my friend, and you will get more than you ask,
He'll answer you with a loving heart and in His grace you will bask 

Margie did not do as well as the nights previously, but at least she did get some sleep.  We are glad she did. My brother Harold is here so perhaps we will see him this afternoon.  He is very busy with some electrical challenges in our county. Being an expert, he is called on the resolve them.  He can.  Thanks folks for praying.  Please continue to remember Margie's eye problem - that the blood clot will dissolve and her sight will not be hindered.

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