Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Today is the day we were scheduled to fly to Shepherds.  A few weeks ago it was apparent to us that it would not be wise to even attempt this trip.  Margie is just not strong enough yet to travel that distance. Another complication added to our decision.  Her knees are in very bad shape and the orthopedist said there is no surgery suggested to help. To stand up from a sitting position is a very painful ordeal, as is climbing stairs. We will be looking into a recliner lift chair soon.  Now back to the subject of "nostalgia".  We always looked forward to this trip to Shepherds.  Not only did we receive valuable information as a representative, but to see the other members of the team and visit our daughter Joy was special for us.  Now we must wait until Margie feels she can travel again. We are praying much for the meetings which start Wednesday at Shepherds.

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