Sunday, November 13, 2016


Romans 10:17 
So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

It is by grace we are saved through faith; God tells us we get faith one way,
Faith come by hearing God's word which is forever with us us on display.
So we must get His word to the world, so all will hear His message plain,
And receive the faith that only God gives, so that lost salvation will gain. (RP)

We came home Saturday from the hospital after spending 6 days there, then by midnight last night (Saturday) we were back there. Margies A-Fib was back in play and her heart pounding. Her restless legs were giving her unbelievable pain with no relief. She decided we better get back to ER.  They ran the tests again and she did have A-Fib. X-rays were taken, and several other things. At 5:30 Margie was moved to the 4th floor and room right next to where she was all last week. The only drawback was that the room had two patients, so Margie shared with another lady. That's okay. By 6:20 this morning Margie heart rhythm normalized, called normal sinus rhythm, so she was allowed to go home. That's a process, but it went quicker than usual. We are glad to be home. But please pray that the 9 PM medication for heart will not cause any violent reaction. Thanks for praying. 

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