Monday, August 24, 2015


Here am I! Send me. 
Isaiah 6:8

God is looking for those who will serve Him; will you heed His call today?
Tell Him you're ready to go where ever He desires, and you will not delay.
When God sends workers, they are the best; He equips and prepares, 
And we who are left behind, support them with their needs and our prayers.(RP)

Last night Margie tried to get out of her lift chair and all of a sudden her knee hurt so badly that we didn't know what to do. After applying some pain relieving salve, she went to bed and medicated and finally had a fairly good night. One never knows how these bodies are going to react. We had a good morning at church. The afternoon was leisurely. We contacted Lonnie about the air pollution, to see if she was okay. Fortunately she was. The fires have pretty well filled the entire state with a layer of smoke. Those with breathing problems or allergies, suffer the most. Thanks for praying.

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