Friday, August 28, 2015


Pray for the peace of Jerusalem:May they prosper who love you.Psalm 122:6

Israel like all places is loved by God,but it has a special place,
We are to pray for Jerusalem, and upon it He will pour His grace.
God promises a certain prosperity for those who love this land,
And this blessing will come to all who lovingly follow His command.(RP)

During the night it started to rain. There is not a lot of it, but it seems to be sprinkling. It has been a long since we really had a good soaking. We hope it happens this time. As I write, Margie is still in bed, which makes me think she did not have a good night. We will soon know when she wakes up. Our pastor returns today from his ministry trip to Asia. Our church missionary, Catherine Russell returned from Thailand Tuesday. Sunday they both will give a report to the church. That will be great. Thanks to all you friends for your prayers. We appreciate them.

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