Thursday, November 27, 2014


On this Thanksgiving day, there is much for us to say,
We lift our voices to the Lord, and thank Him for this day.
His goodness to us after all, is the very best of all,And extends to every soul, no matter if great or small. Because of His mercy we are not all consumed,
And if it were not for his love, we would all be doomed.(RP)

We are thankful for so many things today. We are sure you are too.  We thank God for family and we all plan to be together for an afternoon meal.  Margie has done some preparation for this meal along with our family members. Margie is having much pain so Friday and or Monday she will be checking with her doctor about this. It is the result of her fall last Wednesday. We pray your day will be a blessing.  Thanks so much for praying

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