Saturday, September 13, 2014


Psalm 68:35 
O God, You are more awesome than Your holy places.

The poet of Psalms wrote a wonderful thing when he penned these words long ago,
All creation cannot compare said he, to the matchless and holy name that we love so.
Truly our God is very awesome, even more than the meaning this word implies,
His great and majestic holiness excels all,and under His control are countless supplies. 
As we enter His presence today, give Him praise from the bottom of your heart,
You will be blessed by His consoling hand, and I know you will not want to depart.(RP)

Rawlie and Nathan have a big job today. They found an important board in the building they are remodeling, that is rotten. Today they have to replace it. This involves using jacks and plenty of wisdom to raise the wall and cut out the defective piece, and replace it with a new 2 X 6 board.  We are prayin all goes well on that project. Yesterday the Bible study went well but we were sorry so many missed missed due to illness.  We were surprised how many are "under the weather".  We finished chapter 13 of Revelation which is very important in understanding facts about the Tribulation period in prophecy.  Today Margie is preparing a meal for our family (and some invited extras).  We look forward to this. Thanks so much for praying

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