Saturday, September 20, 2014


Ephesians 3:12 
In whom we have boldness and access with confidence through faith in Him.

In Christ we are made bold, because He saved us from sin,
And to be free from that guilt is a mighty good place to begin.
We have access to Him all we want; this is why we pray, 
He gives confidence which helps, as we travel along the way. 
We do all of this through faith, believing He will do these things,
And because He helps us so, that's why my heart ever sings.(RP)

Saturday is a good day to get caught up on some things we really wanted to do through the week, but just didn't get them done.  For instance, I normally put plant food on the rose bush and hanging basket and potted plants YESTERDAY. But I didn't get it done. Perhaps today I will do it. My office surely needs "spiffing" up a bit, so I intend to work on it. Margie has been looking at the recipe books, so I imagine she may be in the kitchen some today.  On and on it goes.  If we still have time, I will surely do more studies for the Revelation class. Yesterday we had 31 present and still some were absent.  It was a great class, They teach me so much.  I love it. Thanks for praying

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