Friday, July 4, 2014


John 8:36
Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.

Independence Day speaks of freedom for us all,
And I pray that on this special day upon the Lord we'll call.
Those in Christ are free indeed and this we can't deny,
Spiritual freedom is precious indeed and comes from God on high.
If you are lost without Christ, my friend, come, get salvation today,
By trusting what Jesus did for you, and you'll be free without delay.

This is a great day for America.  We thank God for Independence, and pray much for our country today.  We need revival, and we pray Christians will be the shining light for the gospel in our land.  Margie and I are spending a quiet day at home.  It won't be quiet tonight, but we know how to baffle the sounds and get our sleep.  Margie had a pretty good day yesterday.  She is still recovering, however, from so many days in the hospital without good sleep.  I was able to have a good conversation with both of my brothers on Skype and appreciated much being able to visit with them.  We trust your day goes well.  Thanks for praying.

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