Thursday, December 1, 2011

More phone calls

We made more calls yesterday morning on matters concerning our daughter Joy.  The places I called advised us they had no beds available.  One kind lady gave me some information which may be helpful. I called the A.D.R.C (Aging & Disability Resource Center of Racine County, Wisconsin.  They were very kind and arranged an interview with us for Monday morning.   We are praying they will give help to us in knowing best how to negotiate Joy's transfer to another facility. We are aware of the time factor and want to get this matter cared for as soon as possible.  Margie had another important appointment with her eye specialist concerning her macular degeneration.  Then she had physical therapy.  The therapist was pleases with progress made in her home therapy sessions and that her left foot and leg were getting stronger.  Having an inoperable knee condition makes rising from a seated position extremely difficult.  Thank you kindly for praying about these things.

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