Monday, March 21, 2011

Helpful son

Our son has little time to do much extra in life, but is always willing to help "Mom and Dad" in projects.  This week end he installed a new wash basin in the guest bathroom.  The old one had rusted through. For two years I  camouflaged it by painting the interior with a special product.  But that ended and the thing rusted completely through and we had to use a bucket to catch the water.  Now, that's history because a new one is in place and we are so grateful.  Thank you Rawlie.  We appreciate it.  Margie had a good night but did have two mild "starts" to some choking scare but was able to control it with the famous Alka Seltzer Gold.  What a wonder that  is. Saturday we lost a dear friend but Heaven is richer because of her presence with the Lord.  How we miss her. Another friend suffered a severe stroke and we are praying for her.  Thanks to all for praying.

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