Thursday, September 23, 2010

Unplanned chore

Yesterday it was a bright sunny day.  These are coming to an end, we believe, so I knew I had to get the lawn mowed and trimmed before the rains come.  I had other things to do but now I can focus on these "other things" for a week or so (while the grass grows again).  And old farmer told me that while the temperature is at least 52 degrees F., the grass grows.  He is right for we have experienced this over and over again.  Today is our daytime prayer meeting and the 4th time we will be meeting.  We are thankful for increased attendance and always wonder how many will assemble to pray.  Thankfully Margie had another good night.  We are amazed how long she must use eye drops in her newly operated eye.  It's probably because the doctor is trying to deter the effects of macular degeneration.  We are thankful for his care.

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