Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fantastic weather

We are amazed at how moderate the temperatures have been here in the northwest.  They forecast 71 degrees this afternoon.  As reported yesterday Margie had her consultation regarding a tooth she has decided to have extracted instead of a root canal.  Those few minutes in the dentist's office were costly but that's the way it is, even with insurance. She will have this procedure done Oct. 19.  Today I am preparing for my talk tonight at AWANA in our church.  We will also attend the evening prayer meeting in our church.  Margie had a good night, but she said she felt like sleeping more this morning.  Maybe it was because of a visit we made last night and got home a little later. My early morning mile walk this morning was a bit cooler than other days, but as I said, it will be much warmer this afternoon.  As always, we appreciate your prayers.

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