Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pain Clinic

Margie had a follow up appointment at the Mt. Baker Pain clinic and was given the choice to do another procedure using radio waves to subdue the nerves that are apparently in contact with muscle and or bone which causes the pain. This will be a three part process and begins July 6. Again, this is only an attempt to help control the pain level in her neck and shoulder area. We pray it will be successful like the first one done which greatly helped. Margie had a good night last night and no wonder.She broke the barrier as far as work is concerned.She did all the washing, drying, folding of clothes and even part of the ironing. And she did much more than I have mentioned here. This was a first in 5 months for her. She was trying her best to help me. I was involved getting the folders for the Doris Harder funeral service ready, plus continue my ministry responsibilities with Shepherds. It all takes time. We are pleased to see God's answer to prayers in many ways

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