Sunday, April 18, 2010

This is HIS day

Sunday is in a special way HIS day. Today we will watch and hear several messages on TV and radio. Actually we attend church more than when we normally do at First Baptist in Ferndale. With Margie's illness, it has been impossible for her to attend services.
Last night she had a restful sleep. What a blessing. During most of our almost 56 years of marriage she hasn't slept well. To hear her say, she slept, is remarkable. And it is certainly an answer to many prayers, of you our faithful prayer warriors.
Yesterday, Saturday was spent doing "odd" jobs and you will believe it when I tell you I completely cleaned and adjusted the very practical machine Margie gave me years ago, a refurbished Starbucks Barista coffee maker. It took a LONG time to get it done. When I finish this update, I'm going to try it out. Margie prepared our Saturday lunch, and did several other things around the house,being careful, of course, not to go to heavy on the manual work and ruin her night's sleep. Thanks, friends for praying.

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