Saturday, November 28, 2015


How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity!Psalms 133

A cry from the Psalmist to all who will hear; this message is the best,
And God-fearing ones should quickly align; none should really detest.
Living in unity is ordained from above; nobody should ever decline,
Unite with others,depend on the Lord,and then your light will shine.
It is good and pleasant to be unified as your serve the Lord each day,
So give it all you have by trust in the Lord, and His word faithfully obey(RP)

We were pleased to be able to spend almost the entire week working on chapters for our future Shepherd's book. As I refine the documents, Margie proofreads them and sends them back to me. Then I make the corrections she has found and put those chapters in a file we call "to edit."  That will come later when our finances permit. We are not in a hurry and I would like to add more chapters to what we have written already, but that will take another read of our journals, trying to find more subjects about which we can write. Margie and I are pleased we can work together on this enjoyable project. Thanks for praying.

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