Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Margie had a wonderful night.  These come so seldom that when they do happen, it is a blessing.  The Social
worker from Home Health was here yesterday and also the Physical Therapist.  She adjusted the sling in such a way as to relieve the pressure on Margie's neck  We feel this is what helped her get a good sleep last night  Another thing that helped was using the evaporation cooler in our bedroom.  I filled it with water and it ran all night and really cooled the room nicely.  We are praying Margie will have a good day today.  She is already in the kitchen preparing her breakfast.  For many days I helped her do that and still do when it requires her using both hands.  With an arm in the sling she is limited to do things with one hand.  She does quite well, but I try to help as much as possible.  I just finished a load of washing and will fold the clothes when dry and iron one shirt.Thanks for remembering us.  We appreciate the prayers.

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