Monday, April 4, 2011

Margie's update

Yesterday was not good for her.  I stayed with her and we enjoyed messages right here in the comfort of our home. Later when I had to attend an important meeting, she was listening to some wonderful gospel music which ministered to her greatly. She did not have a good night but finally got to sleep.  Today she is a "little" better for which we are thankful. Last night, a 21 year old girl - passed away from H1N1 in the Bellingham hospital.  She had been in ICU for over 4 weeks.  Her illness had rallied a host of prayer warriors on her behalf.  Obviously the Lord wanted her HOME.  Now she is at peace.  We pray for her mother, siblings and grandparents and Aunt who are very close friends. Thanks for your intercession for Margie.  We deeply appreciate it.

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