Monday, May 10, 2010

Unexpected consequences

What a Mother's Day Margie had. For the first time in 4 months we actually attended the church service at our church. What a blessing. BUT soon Margie discovered that the church chairs were already making her neck pain. NOT GOOD NEWS. She took some pain medication and I moved her chair against the wall. Fortunately we were in the overflow room at church and could do this maneuvering without a problem. It still did not give relief so our kind friend (Kathy Hughs) next to whom Margie was sitting, got a pillow and she rested her head on that against the wall. That worked and we enjoyed the rest of the service. We later met our son and his family and parents in law at a Greek restaurant and had lunch. All this was a pretty heavy schedule for Margie. At home we tried to watch some pre-recorded messages but sleep overtook us. I guess the strain of a first visit to church plus the restaurant time was physically tiring. At any rate Margie had a wonderful night and we rejoice in that. Thanks for praying. We never take you for granted.

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